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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Makeover Time!


I'm really not sure why.

I've been rather introspective the last couple of weeks...TRUST ME...I'm really not wired that way. I usually see the cup half full if not over flowing. And probably fairly shallow...BUT this empty nest thing...

Yesterday it occurred to me that i have been a mom more then half my life. I always wanted to be a mom...even as a little girl. I remember telling my mom that i was going to have a dozen kids. She always said...I'll come visit you...don't come visit me! :) God blessed me with three wonderful, God loving girls. What is my problem?

OK..truth be told...not exactly a problem..but I'm sure more emotional than usual. An adjustment I guess...who am i going to blame for the lights being left on? the door left unlocked? empty glasses through the house?....oh (face goes into a smile) there is still the HUSBAND!

Well...i decided a makeover was long over due. Above my new picture! What do you think? Just a few hair extensions...lest you think I've had surgery...no NO i tell you. I've been sleeping upside down, like a bat...letting gravity do its job! A little make up and voila! (i think when i was sleeping upside down...50plus pounds slid off-who doesn't love that?)
Looking to see what God is going to do with me next!

Snap! Now i feel much better!


jAne said...

Hm. This must be 'catching'... I went to bed the other night and left the front door open. All. Night. Long. eye rollage. We're still alive, no boogie-men entered our wee hallowed halls. whew.

I'm much more forgetful lately, and I'm in need of a nap. Or a time out. Or something.

Let's meet for coffee, hm?

tickleberry farm

shelia said...

coffee..how about tea..
half way seem goood...what's that like Indiana!!! :0

sewtakeahike said...

gonna have to try that sleeping upside down thing Shelia! ((((hugs))))

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