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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some days...

The last couple of weeks have been a little rough. A few family issues i needed to deal with...but sometimes when your down...you just have to get your "groove" on...

So when your feeling down...a girl has gotta get going...hope this helps you like it did me!

(turn your head sideways and push arrow :)

Missed you friends

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Needing a lil Emerson

Hope you're goin' somewhere fun today!
Enjoy a wonderful Wenesday

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What is not to love about this time of year!!!

Traveled to God's Country this weekend, (thats right--West Virginia), for a football game and camping. Truth be told...i may not have been so eagerly looking forward to the camping part. But.....God is good...the weather was fantastic, camping spot gorgeous..and the game ...really good..


Let me explain...West Virginia (pretty good football power house) playing Liberty (sweet little but growing Christian school). My daughter is at Liberty but family tradition and her beau at West Virginia. Frankly I prayed all week long that the Liberty team would not be hurt and would not be demoralized. Again...i'm not really a huge football freak---BUT i knew with the papers saying 40-50 point spread, that this could be UGLY.

Delighted to say...at half time score 10-10. Now i was sitting there with a half wvu shirt and half liberty shirt on. Very well tolerated in the WVU section when i first sat down.....but as the teams played...my life was in danger! It turned out well...WVU won...but Liberty held its on...and none were injured! YEAH
And the band played..don't tell my husband--but this is really my favorite part of football games. shhh :)

Camping went great too...Weather was chilly-perfect. One unexpected perk...the tree cover was really thick and there was a full moon. It looked like twinkle lights from our tent site.

My parents met with us(husband, daughter & beau) the morning of the game..and off we all went to the game. Some weekends...are just Perfect!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby blanket...kind of!

I've held onto something from each of my daughters babyhood to create a keepsake for them when they have children.

For my youngest daughter, I had made a quilt..totally hand stitched. Confined to bed during the entire pregnancy...i stitched and stitched... My plan had always been to hang onto this for her "keepsake."

Cass loves her blanket. The colors and style weren't made in a "babyish" way...so she has continued to use it for years....and years....and years...and then i STOLE it. After a quick run (giggling) through the house...with her in hot pursuit..i gave it back. She said it was the perfect weight and size for everything...folded into a great pillow...watching TV...etc.

And i get it...it is/was a good size. As she went off to college...luckily the quilt stayed home. In it's battered and very fragile state she was afraid it would be DISRESPECTED. Her words...she cracks me up.

I met up with her this weekend for a ball game at college and gifted her with a "new" quilt. It'll do mom...It'll do...big smile on her face. GOT TO LOVE THAT :)

p.s. of course, same size & weight!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Camping this weekend!

Actually "glamping" this weekend...you know glamour camping...
None of that roughing it stuff for me! I put the tent up in the backyard (picture above) just to make sure i had everything just right.
ok NOT!!! :)
Right now my living room is covered with every conceivable need...basic need! I have not been camping in years...(ugh-- things we do for our children)
Actually...it's gotten chilly and extremely "fallish", so and i can't wait. Just hoping i don't forget something real important...
Keep me in your prayers...hoping the bears, mosquitos and stray bad guys don't git me! :)
Have a wonderful lllllooooong weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Found Treasures

I extremely nontechnical...

I don't understand the telephone let alone computers.

But I'm becoming dangerously addicted to FACEBOOK. And the above pictures of my daughter, Lacey's, wedding is part of the reason. Lacey married two years ago this December.
We were not very happy with the professional photographer.

Milling around on facebook the other night...i found a treasure trove of wonderful pics on one of my daughters friends site. She didn't realize i didn't have them....my daughter didn't even know they existed.

OHHHHH I love a good wedding! Hope you enjoy the pics. Daughter Lacey is the bride, of course handsome husband (son in law extraordinaire) Jordan. In the bottom pic..the two lovely girls on the right are my daughters Holly & Cassidy. I'm a lucky momma...I've got me some sweet girls!...and SIL's!

Have a great Tuesday.