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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What is not to love about this time of year!!!

Traveled to God's Country this weekend, (thats right--West Virginia), for a football game and camping. Truth be told...i may not have been so eagerly looking forward to the camping part. But.....God is good...the weather was fantastic, camping spot gorgeous..and the game ...really good..


Let me explain...West Virginia (pretty good football power house) playing Liberty (sweet little but growing Christian school). My daughter is at Liberty but family tradition and her beau at West Virginia. Frankly I prayed all week long that the Liberty team would not be hurt and would not be demoralized. Again...i'm not really a huge football freak---BUT i knew with the papers saying 40-50 point spread, that this could be UGLY.

Delighted to say...at half time score 10-10. Now i was sitting there with a half wvu shirt and half liberty shirt on. Very well tolerated in the WVU section when i first sat down.....but as the teams played...my life was in danger! It turned out well...WVU won...but Liberty held its on...and none were injured! YEAH
And the band played..don't tell my husband--but this is really my favorite part of football games. shhh :)

Camping went great too...Weather was chilly-perfect. One unexpected perk...the tree cover was really thick and there was a full moon. It looked like twinkle lights from our tent site.

My parents met with us(husband, daughter & beau) the morning of the game..and off we all went to the game. Some weekends...are just Perfect!


Just a little something from Judy said...

This weekend that you posted about is one of those types of weekends that I love to experience. Football, camping, picnics, college campuses, and all with people you love. What can be better than that!!! I really like your flower arrangement on the picnic table. Little touches like that just add so much, in my book. I too, love Fall!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Awe I understand about no time.. It does look like your filling what time you have with tons of love and memories ;)

lady m said...

I am so glad that you are having such a wonderful time!

Isn't the Lord wonderful? Your beautiful daughter goes away to college and then the Lord blesses you with a wonderful time.


lady m

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