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Friday, July 9, 2010

Its' an EMERSON kind of day....

Just cause i can't help myself...pictures of my beautiful granddaughter,daughter and son in law!

I'm living at the sewing machine...just under wraps for the new grand baby boy! Shower next weekend then i have plenty of photos to share!

(A special HI to Jordan's co-workers...plenty of pictures of Emerson here! Stop by anytime!)

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for all the prayers for my friends.
I love that there is a community in which we can let our needs be know and they are met!!!

Blessings...shelia :)


Lynda said...

Thanks for visiting Sheila and leaving a message. You have the cutest grand-daughter. Lovely to meet someone new.

tinajo said...

It must be lovely to have grand children, I hope I´ll have the same luck one day! :-)

Jenny said...

Nothing more wonderful thank grandchildren Shelia, how blessed we all are!
Emmerson is just delightful!!!
Big hugs from down under Oz xo