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Monday, November 2, 2009

Deep, profound thoughts on life by me

The last couple of months have been challenging.

As I've written before, my kid was going through a tough time...her first broken heart. During this time someone told me.."a momma is only as happy as her unhappiest kid" true ...soooooo true.

But being the Pollyanna that i am, I always try and look on the bright side or find a truth I can stand on. Of course, I could go on and on and on about how my daughter has grown in her faith or learned some valuable life lesson.....BUT today its about ME...ALL about ME.

Here is one thing I've learned in the last months. One truth I've realized. One thing that has touched my soul and shed new light....I love cowboy boots.

I know..profound! Oh my gosh... they just make me sooooo happy. In fact I'm wearing them right now...in fact...its all i can do to ever take off my new boots. My husband got me these adorable LUCKY BRAND boots for my birthday. (OK...he might have had a little help in the selecting....:) They just make me feel better all over. Shoot, not just better... POWERFUL, I can take on the world... I can see why cowboys have that swagger....(gosh...all this time, i thought it was the chaps)

For those of you that don't know me ,this is waaaaaay odder than it might sound. I live about 4 1/2 miles from Washington D.C. Cowboy boots...not really the common thing.('specially since W left) Guess what? I don't care. I'm 51 as of last week...and I'll wear cowboy boots with a Tinkerbell outfit if i feel like it!!! WOW ...getting old just seems to shed your inhibitions....(shoot...can i say wise instead of old??) either way...i just thought you should know...or be warned...however you want to look at it.

Have a great week...I'm out to round up some cowpokes...or errr real estate clients
thanks Charlie! :)


silk purse said...

That is just precious! What a comical blog posting; I was in stiches!..,

~ I will turn 50 in February and I hope I get to be even a 1/4 of the fun loving, lack of inhibition that that fun post, suggests in spades that you are my dear lady! That is to say, when I, by the grace of God, make it to that ripe ol' age ~hehe!..,

My oh my, how life's perspective changes things for us , doen't it? Some of us, when we were younger thought, that 50 was kind of a bit over the hill; now it's just a number and a good one at that!..,

Happy belated birthday!

I think you should bring those sassy new cowboy boots and mosy on over to our Tuesday Tea For Two, perhaps next Tuesday and join us for an old fashioned Afternoon Tea blog party at The Plumed Pen blog! ~As you said, you'd wear them anywhere; I say why not!?

For details on the "why's and wherefores" of our little , cyber tea party.., just pop on over and the details are posted there on last Tuesday's post!..,

Thank you also for your lovely comment on The French Dressing Room blog; glad it made you happy!

I pray your daughter is also doing well these days as she heals from her deep hurt1~ You know that you have an excellant point, when you say that it's awesome that she's grown in grace through this experience; yet as a mom, you just also have to have time that's just about you sometimes!..,

Bless you my dear, Silken Purse

sewtakeahike said...

thank-you so much for posting this Shelia!! I love that you love cowboy boots and are willing to tell the whole world!! I can totally see how they would make you feel powerful. Thank-you for taking so much joy in the little things and then spreading it (pun intended) big time!!!

randi said...

Good for you, Cowgirl! It is true that the older I get, the less I care what others think about who I am. It is a very freeing thing!

Have a great day!

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