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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shhhhhhhhh Can you keep a secret?

Secret #1
Look what i found in my tulips today!
Actually I've been working on Easter things and ran across this adorable pattern! Two very special girls are getting these in their Easter basket...but keep it quiet I want it to be a surprise.
The bunny slippers are made of wool felt with a stretchy heel band..kind of little ones Crocs! :) This pattern was designed by Amy Herbst @ Herbst_handmade.yahoo.com.

Ok...maybe I'm being "slightly" silly. This is one of my favorite little girl hats. I crocheted two of these this week. The first one ended up being too small for my ever growing granddaughter. This one is being tried on by Captain Wizbang. Who is being a really great sport here :)

Secret #2
Apparently I'm addicted to caffeine.
Maybe my closest friends would not be shocked by this news, but for someone reason I really am.
I had to have a nuclear stress test yesterday and couldn't have coffee,tea,sodas for 24 hours. I woke up at 4am with a SCREAMING headache. I'm such a baby. On and on it went...nothing about the test bothered me... except my head was ready to twist off at the neck!!! Tea and sodas are my drug of choice. UGH...i guess there are a few more things to work on in my life.
I'm grateful the Lord is so gentle with me on these issues. As he peels back the layers of my life, I'm sure there will be many other things that I've given too much space, too much importance in my life...more of the growin up thing!!

lastly...my sewing is quicker then my tech skills. I'm working on the giveaway button on my blog to start the giveaway. Hopefully by tomorrow. Thanks to all those who have been trying to drag my computer skills into this century. Special shout out to Paul-wonderful son in law, Karin Scott at What the Font blog, and AUNT PITTY PAT blog who are/were sooo patient with me.
Ta ta for now!


randi said...

Those bunnies are too cute! I can't believe that Easter is only a week away!

jAne said...

Precious bunny-slippers, Shelia. :o) Two little girls will be delighted, I imagine.

You said **As he peels back the layers of my life**

... and oh this is sooo true and sometimes very painful, but a growing process all the while. In Him can we trust. He is always faithful to set us upon the right path.

As for myself, it's coffee and water, emphasis on coffee..in a pretty cup cuz life is too short to drink from an ugly cup. ;o)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Ohhh I love the little bunnies.. would you share a pattern with me????? PLEASE PLEASE!!!

shelia said...

The bunny slippers have a copywrite! but they are soooo cute aren't they?! :)

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