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Monday, April 20, 2009

Another tuesday...another purse

I know...how many purses do i need?....
Well...actually, I usually carry the same purse until its too full & tooooo heavy with all my treasures :0 But I LOVE to make purses. There is something so completable about them. (is completable a word???) You know what i mean. You can start and finish within some reasonable time frame...and then when you get finished you have something you can use. That's me...miss practical...wow can I spin a new purse!

Last year I don't know how many handbags I gave as gifts...but my friends and family are probably hiding around purse giving, I'm mean, holiday time this year!

Less I digress...over the weekend i started a scrappy SWEET PEA TOTE. I also say this every week...but I think this is my favorite bag. I'm all about scrappiness (is that a word??..oh goodness) I should call this my "green" purse...vintage table cloth, vintage bedspread, re purposed cotton (great Nordstrom shirt from Hubby-shhh don't tell him) and then added some of my favorite fabrics.

For those of you looking for a great, easy pattern...ohlala this is it. There are a few steps with the machine quilting on the front of the purse...but worth it for the look! The instructions are very clear, great step by step pictures. This lady can sure write a pattern and at the end also gives you her email for any questions. There is nothing more you could ask from a pattern..style, ease, clarity and functionality (i that a word?) I rate this pattern 5 our of 5 spools of thread!

Hopefully this is helpful to both your desire for a new pattern and your need to learn new words...probably words I'm making up to suit the occasion but .."new" non the less!!! :)

Tried sewing anything new lately?


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Hello Sheila,

the purse is so pretty, the colors are lovely :)

Yes, I am sewing new things right now...you will have to stop by to see ;)


Lady M

shelia said...

ohhhh i did...i can't wait til tomorrow to learn something new!

~Bren~ said...

Very cute! I am not great on the machine...hand quilting is my gift...but there is something nice about a "completeable" project! I have a bag pattern I have been thinking of pulling out, plus a couple of aprons that need t be made. I think I am ready for a finish!!
Congrats to the winner of the beautiful bag!!!

sewtakeahike said...

I agree completely! I love to make bags and purses! Instant gratification baby!

sewtakeahike said...

p.s. yours turned out lovely!

zigzago said...

Hi Shelia, this purse is lovely! I'm going to see at 'lady m'slavendar cottage' too.
Thanks for the birthdaywishes you left on my blog!
Today arived some fabrics of Heather Baily and I'm dreaming of new bags and purses!!!

Magnolia Memories08 Seeing With The Heart said...

Sheila cute bags. I wish I had the talent of sewing but I don't. First time to visit..One more blogging friend.
Have a great day.
Please stop bye for a visit.