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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Morning Blog World!

So sorry I'd stepped out a bit. Things have been a wee crazy here in my humble abode. But I'm back....spending lots of time at my machine and ready to share!

Grandbaby boy Soren's quilt was just finished up a few weeks ago...and BIG NEWS...just finished a quilt for a new baby grandaughter!!!

I'm calling her ADWELIA TAMLAE.Pretty fancy huh? Her parents have decided to hold off telling the name,that's only making mildly crazy :), so I've come up with one of my own. Pregnant daughter Holly has heard the name so much she said she prayed the other night for ADWELIA.....so now I'm starting to rotate names--today Adelade! :) Her quilt is a surprise...so today you get a peak at Sorens.

I decided to make this a bit more 2 sided than maybe i should have. The stripe side was the original intent. Easy but shows off the fabric that his nursery was decorated in. The giraffe side was kind of made up as i went along. QUILTING time made that a bit challenging, but I'm fairly happy with the results.

Last picture....sweet BIG girl Emerson enjoying her pink pancakes from Valentines Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring...or at least not too much cold. I'm sooooo done with that :)



Lady Farmer said...

You've been a busy gal! Great quilt and *pink pancakes*?!? ;~P

tinajo said...

Looks really nice! :-)

Jenny said...

Oooh Congrats on the lovely news of the new grandchild Shelia!! and that name is wild!! Did you make that up LOL!!? Soren's quilt looks so great, and so does baby girls, will you put a name on that when she is born?? Love the pink pancakes - and we are just getting our cold weather and loving it!! It has been so hot here for far too long!
Big Hugs
jen xo

Madame Samm said...

Hi bowls with borders lover...

sign up today, at www.sewwequilt.com and take a peak at who is managing it..
Carol will need your name and url to your blog...
Looking forward to your creation..

my best
mdm samm