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Monday, January 4, 2010

Technological Wizard

Yes that would be me! I'm sure you have all noticed my extreme proficiency at all things technical. But this evening....i out did myself.

My hubby gave me an IPOD for Christmas. I'm just sure that this new piece of equipment is ALL i need to shed those last few pounds of baby weight. (youngest is 18) anyway...thought i'd pop on a few tunes...add a few sermons and hit the treadmill.

Well....about 4 1/2 hours later with help from my hubby, the nice lady at i tunes, the over the computer guy from APPLE, a few suggestions from my daughter over the phone, advice from a couple of facebook friends and VOILA **** I HAVE DOWNLOADED ONE ALBUM****
Still no sermons...just couldn't get that...gonna have to wait for the daughter...but never the less... GLEE the ALBUM on my ipod.

I'm feeling thinner already.

Just thought you should know. Anyone out there need technical tips...just give me a yell! :)

SHOOT i'm just too beat to hit the treadmill maybe tomorrow


Karen said...

Oh, Sheila, you are too funny!

I'd be too exhausted to exercise after all that, too. Maybe tomorrow we'll both get on our treadmills...(my mp3 is still on its first battery charge-and I got it for my birthday in August! Apparently, I'm still worn out from getting all that music on it. Yeah, that's it. Thanks for the explanation of why these pounds aren't falling off now that I have my mp3)

randi said...

Ha! I have had an ipod for a year and still can't figure out sermons. Music is simple now, but everything else aludes me. :)

Cute post!

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